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Title Pages
1 Filippo, Bettina and the Convivium 23
2 Can we all arrive at the ultimate aim of omniscience? A few ideas seem obtainable from a comparison with certain phenomena studied by frontier parapsycology 4
3 A visionary Biblist 5
4 A many sided God 9
5 A message of hope from the other dimension (No. 1 of The Hope Booklets) 17
6 The spiritual path in the other dimension (No. 2 of The Hope Booklets) 39
7 Lord, if I may talk to You freely (No. 3 of The Hope Booklets) 24
8 Jesus Christ: who He is and what He represents for us (No. 4 of The Hope Booklets) 66
9 How each religion prepares us for survival and eternal life (No. 5 of The Hope Booklets) 20
10 Understanding mediumism (No. 6 of The Hope Booklets) 62
11 The revelation of the Children of Light and the Catholic Church (No. 7 of The Hope Booklets) 13
12 Having, being and the beyond(No. 8 of The Hope Booklets) 21
13 Did I really communicate with him? The problem of identifying our mediumistic interlocutor and what part of him expresses itself (No.9 of The Hope Booklets) 44
14 The mind moulds matter, is autonomous of it and survives it (No. 10 of The Hope Booklets) 163
15 Life and time in the mirror of eternity
A) Rediscovering God
B) Rediscovering the angels
(No. 11 of The Hope Booklets)
16 Towards new heavens and a new earth
A) The reasons of a hope
B) The reasons of a faith
(No. 12 of the Hope Booklets)
17 Is it God who takes our loved ones away?
About the problem of ill and evil
(No. 13 of the Hope Booklets)
18 Good News for us humans: a splendid horizon is opening up (No.14 of the Hope Booklets) 22
19 Prepare oneself for life beyond life by cultivating good thoughts
(No. 15 of the Hope Booklets)
20 From the devouring divine fire to the formidable heat of the big-bang 9
21 The beyond and the end of time 127
22 Reincarnation? The phenomena which seem to suggest it 107
23 Conversations with the beyond - Mediumistic communications, experiments and problems 108
24 Channels to ancient Rome - An adventure in mediumship closely examined 116
25 The other dimension, man's last destination a nd his authentic values 11
26 The little false lives and true life 20
27 Survival of the soul and its spiritual salvation 7
28 Does religious faith depress human knowledge ? 13
29 Is the Gospel anti-humanist? 12
30 A more deepened image of God for a more adult religiosity 8
31 Miracle: significance, mechanism and limits 17
32 Is it only Christianity which saves us? If not, what absolute need have we of preaching the Gospel? 14
33 The collective Christ 56
34 Christ, cosmic creator, evolutor and redemptor of the universe 18
35 Incarnation is a process which involves all of us 1
36 Each of us can be an Adam or a Christ for the whole of mankind 1
37 God's incarnation in Jesus Christ and the collective pre-incarnation which prepares it 3
38 What does it mean, for us human beings, to be co-operators of creation 25
39 Creation is a long process that engages both God and man 36
40 Man's contribution to the divine creation of the universe 7
41 Christianity, evolution and religion of humanity 12
42 Evolution of the universe and life in a Christian perspective that needs some updating 33
43 Why, at present, God's kingship is entrusted to man 4
44 The Pope, the Church, the Laity 67
45 "It is written in the Bible!" That's fine, but how is it to be understood? 34
46 Myself? Right, but better "All of us" 2
47 The opposite of sin is by no means human virtue, but faith in God 5
48 When God seems omnipotent and when God seems weak and crucified 21
49 A God crucified who at last will give us everything 2
50 What kind of prayer shall we address to an incarnate and crucified God 5
51 Mercy for anybody who does evil to us 1
52 Divine incarnation in Hindouism and Christianity 4
53 Where Buddhism seeks God and opens to Christianity 6
54 Purgatory and hell 16
55 When Jesus threatens us with Hell 7
56 Consumerism, psychosis and new religion of our times 3
57 New Age and Christianity - Reflection about a Vatican document 7
58 How God speaks to his "people" revealing himself also through the channel of different spiritual traditions 59
59 Can "all" the Gospel be put into practice? - The World's humanistic morality and the escatological morality of the Kingdom 11
60 The crucified God. The self-humiliation and passion of God in the tragic reality of evil 10
61 All is one, everything is in each point 10
62 In order that science should not suffocate religion but rather help it to validate itself 26
63 The ideality of being 26
64 Divine foreknowledge, predestination and human free will 21
65 The creativity of thought and the autonomous psychic formations 17
66 The thousand-year kingdom of the saints and the final universal resurrection 14
67 Globalization, a united world and the mission of a new Europe 63
68 Along the ladder of the angels – Meditations and conversations with the Divine at various levels 113
69 Do we have to accept even what appear to be the most blatant contradictions of the Gospel? How shall we interpret them? Two examples are here considered 44
70 How to navigate prudently between the sandbanks of the “letter” and the wirlpools of the “spirit” – Hebraism, Christianity, Islam 44
71 Fundamentalism: religious infantilism that dies hard 4
72 Something that religious and paranormal phenomena have in common 8
73 Fundamentalism, an infantile midset that stunts both religion and frontier parapsychology 7
74 Meditation and psychic techniques 85
75 Is ascesis still topical? 15
76 The phenomena which suggest survival 128
77 The justice of God and his judgment 16
78 The eclipse of the living God and the atheist adventure 115
79 The Virgin Mary as the figure of sanctified humanity 2
80 The Madonna, the Hail Mary and the rosary 4
81 The apparitions of the Virgin Mary: The supernatural and the paranormal 10
82 Interior life and commitment in the world: for a synthesis 18
83 The long troubled march of the "people" of God 39
84 A widespread aversion for the concrete that comes to us from the Orient 9
85 The desire for glory and its celestial epilogue 3
86 Are certain currently unfulfilled prophecies in the Bible still valid? 16
87 Why praise God? 5
88 Do saints perform miracles or do they only confine themselves to interceding? 6
89 Through the mazes of religious experience 15
90 Incessant prayer and the rosary 16
91 Extra Ecclesiam nulla salus: what might it actually mean? 10
92 The presence of Christ in the sacraments of the Church 3
93 The sacrament of Reconciliation: everlasting validity, necessary updating 12
94 What can we say about the "real presence" in the Eucharist? 4
95 The Eucharist reconsidered in the light of primitive-archaic thought 10
96 The Holy Mass, mutual total offer betweeen people and God 2
97 The presence of Christ in the sacraments of the Church 3
98 In what way does Baptism save us? 3
99 Why the cross? 7
100 In what sense do evil and death come from the sin of man? 2
101 Intuition and analysis, the two legs on the long road toward truth in this world and in the other 7
102 Reincarnation, pre-existence of the soul, Christianity 3
103 The long path towards omniscience and the communion of the souls 5
104 God has recalled him to Himself: what does this mean? 2
105 Agnus Dei qui tollis peccata mundi.... What does it mean 7
106 Your sins are forgiven, What does this really mean 13
107 Martha, a woman, a symbol 5
108 Divine will, prophecy and fulfilment of the scriptures 9
109 "Predestination of all men in Christ": what could this mean, exactly? 3
110 "Jesus died for us": what does this mean? 3
111 Our prayers 14
112 What can we ask You in prayer, oh God incarnate and crucified? 4
113 The prayer we can address to an incarnate and crucified God, to His infinite goodness and virtual almightiness 2
114 God and evil 4
115 How to comfort a parent who has lost a young son or daughter 4
116 "Whenever I am weak, then I am strong!" 4
117 Paradise: an idea to be deepened 3
118 Mediumism and channeling: problems and various solution attempts 12
119 Mediumistic messages of teaching 5
120 We are not alone 6
121 Uniqueness and centrality of our planet 6
122 Ecumenism 6
123 Ecumenism and the worldwide unity in the perspective of the final meeting of heaven and earth 7
124 Where Islam approaches Christianity 9
125 The deified defunct 8
126 The humble concept the Christian saint has of himself and the very high one the yogi has: a contradiction? 6
127 The paths of consciousness -Towards a synthesis of spiritual experiences 212
128 Towards the apocalypse - Where man fulfils his destiny 113
129 Searching for God along the roads of the East 128
130 Religion, ethics, theology, and phenomenological philosophy 39
131 Experience of the sacred and philosophy 63
132 Experience of faith and philosophy 9
133 Virtue and power of the ascesis: the saint Curate of Ars 7
134 Is it possible to completely carry out the Gospel right through the end? A great testimony of St.Philip Neri 14
135 A visionary woman of our time 10
136 A visionary Biblist 5
137 Horizons 85
138 Horizons of eternity - Second volume of additional writings 50
139 Let us rediscover the prayer that Jesus taught us 2
140 The idea of sacrifice in the Old Testament and New Testament 7
141 Note on Aurobindo's theology 7
142 Signs, clues, coincidens and the "synchronicity" of Jung 14
143 The silence of God in the pages of a great Yiddish writer 4
144 The end of time and universal resurrection 36
145 Is it right to speak adout "expiation"? 1
146 How an entity lives the experience of communication 15
147 Identification and discernment in mediumism 4
148 A line with the paradise of Allah 104
149 Beyond the clouds fading away - Little faltering essays of metaphysical poetry 40
150 The Tridentine Mass of saint Pius V and the new Mass of Paul VI 4
151 Updating faith to grow in spirit 151
152 The Church of Rome amid ecumenical yearnings, troubled monsignors and frustrated laymen 4
153 Out-of-the-body, near-death and supposed after-death experiences: a jigsaw puzzle of evidences 4
154 How a connunicating entity that has lost the memories of its own earthly life can replace them with a ficticious autobiography 5
155 Every reality, however small, is interesting and everything should be remembered: even evil 5
156 Why is there still so much violence in the world? 4
157 Three essays on the ultimate end of man 5
158 Let's give God the Creator his true image  back 1
159 "May God's will be done": what does it actually mean? 3
160 Whilst waiting for the final hour 31
161 Corrispondence between the life of Jesus and the action of the divine Word 6
162 Mystical visions and revelations in their truths and in subjective conditionings put work by those who receive it 6
163 Survival and eternal life 131
164 Can one really say that a narrator is to his characters a bit as God is to his creatures? 2
165 The unbecoming unity of things and their multiplicity and becoming in a new revised and corrected Zen 3
166 On today’s controversy against the display of the crucifix in public places 2
167 An experience open to the new and to the Beyond 2
168 Anecdotes, efficacious means of historical knowledge 1
169 Heaven can wait 1
170 That immense family of families that the entire humanity is called to being 2
171 Mimicry and testimony 2
172 Offence, reparation, forgiveness 2
173 On today's controversy against the display of the crucifix in public places 2
174 The constellation of love 2
175 The different levels of phenomenology 2
176 The great occasions that should be seized and not lost 5
177 The man unable of listening already knows everything 1
178 The rich man is converted 2
179 There is in moaning and weeping there is a shadow of pleasure 3
180 Yes-men and... their exact opposite 1
181 The supreme salvation that comes to us from Christ and deification 3
182 From mere sanctification to full and total deification 3
183 A new science and a new vision of things 3
184 Are the many commandments and prohibitions attributed to God goals per se or are they a means for our good? 2
185 Eternal life: just what is it exactly? 3
186 My true SELF is US 2
187 The huge roped party of souls climbing up to infinite heavens 2
188 Taking stock of our research 5