Who we are

---We are a community of friends who live in Rome but are also spread more or less everywhere in Italy and also in other countries, opened to receive the new friends who are "behind the corner".

---There is an idea which joins us; human existence has a sense and a scope. It aims at eternal life, to a life which is also perfect, fully realised and happy in God. ---We have confirmations of this idea, not only from religions, especially from Christianity, but also from paranormal experiences, which reveal to us the other dimension, the hereafter.

---Painful losses of dear ones motivate many of us to such a research. Dear ones who appeared to be lost forever are found more alive than ever, invisibly close to us with all of their love.

---Many others of us are mainly motivated from a passion for great questions.

---The most suggestive horizons open themselves to our common research, such as the prospect of spiritual growth, as well as engagement for a better society with a united world where the quality of life could become maximised and an integral human endeavour can be developed.